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Antiques and vintage or newly handmade works with the Italian craftsmanship and attention to design, My Italian Bazaar is not only a simple online shop but a platform for seller and buyers, acting as intermediary in the whole process of antiquing, sale and market research.

Waste not, want not: one of the main drivers of relocating goods was financial motivation and words as retro and vintage were often used just as powerful marketing tools to increase items’ implied value and profitability; nevertheless the recovery, distribution and re-giving of discarded yet perfectly usable objects and materials have turned into foundamental eco-actions, providing great potential in terms of new jobs and micro-sustainability.

The value of appreciation of well crafted and high quality products of old and all times as well as collecting desirable items because of their age, rarity, condition, utility, personal emotional connection or other unique features becomes not only a habit but also a help for the world to keep turning around as three arrows of waste hierarchy perfectly intend.

My Italian Bazaar invites you to help in creating attitudinal changes for a new and necessary environmental and well being conscioussness in alternative to today’s insane exploitation of resources both in terms of raw materials and people’s workforce. A world in which the market is based person-to-person, far from big corporations’ economies that generate poverty instead of richness, diseases instead of wealth, endless chains of slavery instead of the right to live.

Another world is possible, it was indeed, let’s recall how it was to make it into a brand new day. Enjoy your voyage into the old times: wear them, read them, listen to them… for time worths it !

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