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Collection Michael Jackson 1992 - 1994
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Collection Michael Jackson 1992 - 1994
code: MEMO.H.280

price on application - trattativa riservata
Materials: paper
More details: Collection of no.3 books with about 420 pages on Michael Jackson collected by an Italian fan from 1992 to 1994: articles and first pages of mainly Italian newspapers, but also in English and German language, photo collages and collectibles, contact me for more information or to see all the photos of the collection

TOPICS (note: the material is not organized in chronological order)
The collaboration with Pepsi - Problems of dependence on tranquilizers based on morphine, various health problems, vitiligo . The process x sexual harassment Harassment to John Lennon's son . Janet Jackson defends MJ - Sofia Loren and the scandal of her son Edorardo with MJ - Various La Toya Jackson scandals - The alleged romance with Brooke Shields - The marriage with Lisa Piestley - The trial with Al Bano Carrisi for the plagiarism of the song Swans of Balaka / Will You Be There - The alleged rivalry with Mc Hammer - MJ Neverland's home - MJ and Eddie Murphy - MJ and Alberto of Monaco - MJ and Madonna MJ and Naomi Campbell - MJ and Liz Taylor - MJ and Macauley Culkin - MJ and Iman Abdulmajid and David Bowie - MJ and his chimpanzee Bubble - MJ and Gianni Morandi and Eros Ramazzotti for the Partita del Cuore collaboration between the National Singers football team and the Heal The World Association of MJ - MJ in Italy for the Dangerous tour - MJ proposed for the Nobel Peace Prize - MJ and Bill Clinton - MJ and Tatiana Thumbtzen - MJ on vacation in Africa - MJ saves a guy who wants to commit suicide

FIRST PAGES (some with also internal article)
Music News n.5 - Sunday Mirror 14.11.1993 (English) - National Enquirer 14.12.1993 (English) - Gente 13.09.1993 - Noi 8.9.1993 - National Enquirer 21.9.1993 (English) - Stop - TV Sorrisi e Canzoni May / Jun 1992 - TV Sorrisi e Canzoni Aug / Sep 1994 - DeeJay Show August 1992 - TZ 28/29 Aug 1993 (German) - KURIER 26 Aug 1993 (German) - BILD 28th August 1993 (German) - NME 2.10.1993 (English) - Rock Show 10.1993

The Wedding Liz Taylor and Larry Fortensky at MJ's home: 40 pages in color, insert taken from the magazine "Oggi" - MJ in comics - Various stickers and postcards - Transferable postcard on fabrics - Two MJ BAD album patches + a patch with MJ's face + two Pepsi patches - Copy of the Dangerous Tour tickets at Monza 6 July - Pepsi competition labels win the unpublished box of MJ - Entrance ticket to the Patita del Cuore at the G. Tardini Stadium in Parma on 15.11.1992

raccolta di n.3 quadernoni con un totale di 420 pagine di materiale su Michael Jackson nel periodo dal 1992 al 1994: rassegna stampa, articoli di giornale, prime pagine, in italiano, con alcuni articoli in inglese e tedesco contattatemi per vedere tutte le foto della collezione

Pepsi - Problemi di dipendenza da tranquillanti a base di morfina, di salute, vitiligine - Processo per molestie - Molestie al figlio di Lennon - Janet Jackson difende MJ - Sofia Loren e lo scandalo del figlio Edorardo con MJ - La Toya scandali vari - Relazione con Brooke Shields - Matrimonio con Lisa Piestley - Processo Al Bano per plagio I cigni di Balaka e Will You Be There - Presunta rivalità con Mc Hammer - Casa MJ Neverland - MJ e Eddie Murphy - MJ e Alberto di Monaco - MJ e Madonna - MJ e Naomi Campbell - MJ e Liz Taylor - MJ e Macauley Culkin - MJ e Iman Abdulmajid e David Bowie - MJ e Bubble scimpanzé - MJ e Gianni Morandi e Eros Ramazzotti partita del cuore - Concerti Italia x dangerous tour - MJ per il Nobel per La Pace - MJ e Bill Clinton - MJ e Tatiana Thumbtzen - MJ in vacanza in Africa . MJ salva un ragazzo che si vuole suicidare

PRIME PAGINE con o senza articolo interno
Music News n.5 data? - Sunday Mirror 14.11.1993 - National Enquirer 14.12.1993 ENG - Gente 13.09.1993 - Noi 8.9.1993 - National Enquirer 21.9.1993 ENG - Stop data? - TV Sorrisi e Canzoni mag/giu 1992 - TV Sorrisi e Canzoni ago-sett 1994 - DeeJay Show agosto 1992 - TZ 28/29 ago 1993 TED - KURIER 26 ago 1993 TED - BILD 28 ago 1993 TED - NME 2.10.1993 ing - Rock Show 10.1993

US Today ENG - MIA - CIOE’

Album Nozze Liz Taylor e Larry Fortensky 40 pagine - MJ a fumetti - Adesivi - Cartoline - Cartolina trasferibile su tessuto - Toppa bad 2x + 1 + 2x pepsi - Copia dei biglietti del Dangerous Tour a Monza 6 luglio - Etichette del concorso pepsi vinci la cassetta inedita di MJ
Spedizione: pacco tracciato

Negozio vintage Reggio Emilia
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